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2020 Devoted Extras

Here's a quick look at the Devoted Extras we're offering with our 2020 HMO plans. 


In 2020, we're covering even more dental services to give you greater savings. For details, check out our 2020 Dental Catalog.

View 2020 Dental Catalog for Florida

View 2020 Dental Catalog for Texas

OTC Benefit

We're expanding our over-the-counter (OTC) catalog so you can save on more of the items you use every day. In 2020, you'll be able to use the OTC benefit on more items, like compression socks, contact solution, and more OTC medications.

View 2020 OTC Catalog

SilverSneakers® and Wellness Bucks

Starting in 2020, you'll get $150 a year in Wellness Bucks to use on classes, programs, and wearable devices like an Apple Watch. And that's on top of a $0 SilverSneakers membership!

Learn about Wellness Bucks

Devoted Dollars Rewards

With our 2020 Devoted Dollars rewards program, you'll earn $135 or more for preventive care, like visiting your primary care provider (PCP), receiving a flu shot, and getting cancer screenings.

Learn about Devoted Dollars

Personal Emergency Response System

This is another new Extra for 2020 — you’ll be able to get a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) at no cost. A PERS lets you call for emergency help just by pressing a button. And we'll have several designs, so you can choose one that best fits your lifestyle.

Eyewear and Hearing Aids

Wear glasses or contacts? Use hearing aids? We'll help you pay for them.

Rides to Get Healthcare

Need a ride to your doctor or pharmacy? No problem. We'll get you there.


Yes, we cover acupuncture — up to 12 visits a year at no cost (as long as you see an in-network acupuncturist).