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How Your Plan Works with Coronavirus

For the most part, your coverage for coronavirus testing and treatment is the same as for other illnesses. As the situation changes, we'll add services or benefits that help you stay safe, like free medication delivery and early refills. Here are the details. (updated March 17, 2020)


It's important to know that coronavirus testing is not yet widely available in the U.S. For safety reasons, if you have symptoms of coronavirus but can't be tested, it's best to take steps as though you have it. That means call your doctor to see how to care for yourself. And make sure to avoid contact with others for 14 days.

If you do get tested, the test itself is free. Your only cost would be the copay (if you have one) for the visit to the doctor or facility that takes the test.

Telemedicine and Treatment

To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, many doctors are using telemedicine — visits by phone or online video — so you don't have to go to their office. You're covered for these visits and they won't cost you anything (we're currently waiving the normal copay).

For other care, your plan's standard rules, costs, and coverage all apply to coronavirus. So, you're covered for doctor visits, hospital stays, and other care with the same costs that you have for other conditions.

Note that there's no vaccine for coronavirus. If one gets developed, your plan will cover it.

Medications and Refills

Make sure you have enough medication at home.
Check your prescriptions to see if you're about to run out of anything. All of our members can now get early refills of their medications, if needed.

Let CVS deliver your medications.
For the time being, your local CVS will mail your medications to you for free so you can stay home. You'll receive your prescriptions within 1-2 days. To request this service:

  • Call your local CVS and talk to a pharmacist
  • Use the CVS Pharmacy app and select your delivery option
  • Use the link in the "order ready" text message you get from the pharmacy (if you signed up to get text notifications)

Learn more about CVS medication delivery.

You might also want to sign up for mail-order pharmacy. This free service comes with your plan. When you use it, you get a 90-day supply of your medications, which will help you stock up. Plus, you'll get free delivery right to your house. Register for mail order.

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