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How to Safely Get Groceries

You need groceries, but you also need to keep a safe distance from others. How can you do both? Here are 3 ideas:

  • Ask a friend, relative, or neighbor to get groceries for you and leave them at your door
  • Get your groceries delivered
  • Use special shopping hours for older adults

If you qualify for SNAP and other assistance programs, make sure to check in with your local food pantry. In Florida, you can also contact Jewish Community Services of South Florida for help. In Texas, you can contact the Houston Food Bank.

Let's take a closer look at grocery delivery and special shopping hours.

Grocery Delivery Basics

Keep in mind that things are changing day to day. If you have any questions about a store near you, give them a call.

How does delivery work?
You'll go to a website or use an app on your phone to choose items, pay, and pick a delivery time. Often, you can ask to leave your items at your door to keep with social distancing. This is called contactless delivery.

How long does it take?
It depends on the store and delivery service. With so many people using these services right now, it may take a day or two to get your items. That wait could get longer as more people are forced to stay home, so plan ahead.

What else should I know?
With some stores, you'll do everything on their website. Others use a delivery service to handle orders for them. Here are two services to know about:

  • Instacart
    Shop online or with the Instacart app and pay $5.99 to $7.99 for delivery.
  • Shipt
    Shop online or with the Shipt app. You'll pay $10 to $15 a month and get free delivery on orders over $35. If you're new to Shipt, you can get a 4-week free trial with no delivery fees.

Since more stores are now adding delivery services, check Instacart and Shipt directly to see if a store you need uses them. And take a look at this Instacart guide for shopping in this unusual time.

Stores That Deliver

Things are changing quickly and we'll update these lists as we learn more. You can always give your local stores a call to see if they're offering delivery.



  • H-E-B
    $10 tip for driver
    Order by phone at 1-833-397-0080 (9 AM to 1 PM, 7 days a week)
  • Target
    Delivery through Shipt
  • Walmart
    Free delivery
  • Amazon Fresh
    Free delivery for Amazon Prime members

Special Shopping Hours

If you have to go to the store, be sure to use the special shopping hours for older adults. You'll avoid crowds and get in first thing in the morning. Since many stores now deep clean and restock at night, you'll be there when stores are cleanest and have the most items.

Here's a list of special hours we know about so far.