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How to Safely Get Medications

How can you get your medications and practice social distancing? Here are 3 ways:

  • Ask a friend, relative, or neighbor to pick up your medications and leave them at your door
  • Get your medications delivered from an in-store or mail-order pharmacy
  • Use drive thru to pick up your medications

Let's take a closer look at safety tips and how to get the most from in-store and mail-order pharmacies.

Safety Tips

Here are some suggestions from the coronavirus experts. If you start to feel overwhelmed, go back to the basics: social distancing and frequent hand washing. They'll give you by far the biggest bang for your buck.

If you go to the pharmacy...

  • Wear a cloth face mask
  • Shop at off hours and shop alone — fewer people in stores makes social distancing easier
  • Use wipes to disinfect the handle of your cart or basket
  • Bring hand sanitizer and use it after contact with frequently touched surfaces (like self-checkout screens)
  • Touch as few things as possible in the store

Once you're home (or if you have medications delivered)...

  • Throw away the bag and packaging your medications came in
  • Wash your hands

In-Store Pharmacies: Delivery, Drive Thru, & Special Hours

Many in-store pharmacies are now offering free delivery. You can get most drugs this way except for refrigerated medications (like insulin) and controlled substances (like opioids). Along with mail order, this is one of the safest ways to get your medications.

If you have to go to the pharmacy, you can avoid person-to-person contact by using drive thru. And if you have to go inside the store, use special shopping hours for older adults. Just call your pharmacy ahead of time to make sure those hours aren't too crowded.

Here's a list of in-store pharmacies offering delivery or special shopping hours.



Mail-Order Pharmacies

You have 3 options for mail order, and each has its advantages. Note that with CVS mail-order pharmacy, you can get delivery of refrigerated medications (like insulin) and controlled substances (like opioids). With PillPack and MedMinder, it varies — call them to find out.

Usually when you get a prescription, it's for a 30-day supply of medication. With CVS mail-order pharmacy, you get a 90-day supply delivered right to your door. So you'll have plenty of medication on hand without leaving the house.

Plus, the 90-day supply is usually cheaper. And, you can opt in to automatic refills so you don't forget to order them. Sign up or learn more.

If you want delivery and help managing your medications, PillPack might be right for you. They organize your prescriptions, vitamins, and even over-the-counter (OTC) items into packets labeled with the date and time to take them. The service is free and you pay your normal drug copays. Sign up.

This service organizes your medications, delivers them, and reminds you to take them. You get a free electronic pillbox that alerts you — plus a friend or family member if you want — when it’s time to take your medication. It's free with your plan. You just pay your normal drug copays. Sign up.