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3 Ways to Stay Connected

One of the toughest parts of staying home to stop coronavirus is that we can't spend time in person with our loved ones. Or visit the places that bring us joy. But people are getting really creative in finding ways to stay connected with technology. If you have a smartphone, computer, or tablet with internet access, here are 3 things to try.

Video Chat with Friends and Family

Being able to see and chat with someone in their home makes it feel like you’re together in real life. You have 2 main options for video chat. You can use the video chat feature on your smartphone. (Every smartphone has one!) Or download a free program like Google Hangouts or Zoom.

Google Hangouts and Zoom are good options if you want to video chat with two or more people at once. Use them to host a family get together or have virtual coffee with friends.

Live Stream with Community Groups

Many community groups and organizations — from churches to yoga studios — are offering online services, classes, and talks. Check the websites or Facebook pages of groups you're interested in to see what they’re doing and how you can tune in.

Get Creative

Have a hobby you always wanted to try? Wish you had a group to chat with about bird watching or cooking or board games? Try connecting with others who share your hobbies on Meetup, a free website.

You sign up with your email and search for local groups to join. Usually, Meetups would happen in person. But with coronavirus concerns, all meetings should be online.