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Tips for a Safe, Fun Turkey Day

At Devoted Health, we love Thanksgiving. Coronavirus may have changed our plans, but not our spirit. So we've checked with the experts — on health, food, and fun — to bring you tips on how to safely celebrate and share the love this year.

We know some of our members will stay on the safe side and stay home (that's our advice!). Others will go to spend time with their families like always (masked and outside, right?). So let's take a look at how you can stay healthy, have fun, and give thanks no matter how you decide to celebrate.

Keep it small

The safest thing you can do this Thanksgiving is have a small dinner with just the people who live in your house. That might be a big shift for you, but you can still have a great time.

Ideas for food
Whether it's your first time cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner — or you're not sure how to scale back for a small gathering — find some inspiration in these articles:

Or, skip the kitchen and order from a restaurant instead! Call around to your favorite places and ask if they're doing any takeout for Thanksgiving.

And if you need help getting food, we've got you covered. Search for grocery delivery, senior hours, and food pantries near you.

Find Food Near Me

Ideas for fun
Once you settle on some recipes, send them around to family and friends and have a virtual dinner together. Then, play an online game like Quiplash or Words with Friends.

Plus, you can still watch the Macy's parade, football, and yes, the National Dog Show.

And if Thanksgiving doesn't feel like Thanksgiving without the deals, skip the mall and shop online on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You'll get all the bargains you crave without the crowds.

Keeping the spirit
Thanksgiving is a time when many of us look to serve others. So go ahead and cook up your favorite recipes for family and neighbors — especially those at higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus. Drop the food off on their porch or front steps, and have a socially distanced chat outside while you're at it.

Finally, what's more in the Thanksgiving spirit than practicing gratitude? Check out this article for some great ideas on bringing more gratitude (and happiness) into your life. Or take up one of these gratitude challenges.

Be smart about larger gatherings.

Maybe you read all that and think, "I get it, but I need to see more family and friends." We understand. Just know that more people means higher risk. So be sure to take steps to protect yourself and those around you. If you gather with family and friends who don't live in your house:

Activities to avoid

We hope you find enough in the lists above to make it feel like Thanksgiving for you. While tempting, we urge you to:

  • Avoid indoor gatherings
  • Skip Black Friday shopping in person
  • Don't go to crowded parades, races (like a 5K or Turkey Trot), or similar events

We're here to help.

Think you might have coronavirus? We can help. Devoted Health members can text COVID to 86685 or call us at 1-800-338-6833 (TTY 711). If you're not currently a member, be sure to call your doctor to get the care you need.

Like many of you, our Devoted Health team will spend Thanksgiving day safely connecting with family. Our offices will be closed on Thanksgiving and we'll be back on Friday, November 27. If you need medical help on Thanksgiving, be sure to call your PCP. If it's an emergency, call 911.