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Save money on OTC items.

Next time you head to the drugstore, remember your plan gives you money for over-the-counter (OTC) items, like pain relievers, eye drops, and toothbrushes. You get $50 or more to spend each month. (Give us a call to find out exactly how much.)

How does it work?

Our partners at OTC Health Solutions manage this benefit for us. They give you 3 ways to order:

In Store
Some CVS Pharmacy and Navarro Discount stores have a special OTC section, marked with a sign that reads OTC Benefit Products or OTC Health Solutions. Just choose your products from those shelves and take them to any register.

If your local CVS Pharmacy doesn't have a special section, no problem. Bring your OTC Health Solutions catalog to the store so you know which items you can buy (or print out the list in the What can I order? section below). Then, look for your items on the regular stores shelves that have a yellow tag:

Go to the OTC Health Solutions website. Login with your Devoted Health member ID and ZIP Code to place an order.

By Phone
Call OTC Health Solutions at 1-888-628-2770 and place an order.

What items can I order?

Any of the items in our OTC list:


Want to know how much you can spend each month? Looking for a participating store near you? Call us at 1-800-DEVOTED (1-800-338-6833), TTY 711.