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Devoted Extras

Our plans give you a boatload of extra benefits to help with everything from dental care and eyeglasses to vitamins and hearing aids. Here's a quick look at what you'll get.


Get dental benefits that are sure to make you smile. Choose a location to learn about dental coverage with our 2021 plans.

Need 2020 details? Check our 2020 catalog for Florida.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Credit

Our plans give you money toward toothbrushes, toothpaste, vitamins, and lots of other products from our OTC Catalog that keep you feeling your best.

2021 OTC Catalog | 2020 OTC Catalog

SilverSneakers® and Wellness Bucks

Wellness Bucks give you money to spend on fitness devices, home gym equipment, fitness classes (online or in-person), and more. And that's on top of a FREE SilverSneakers membership!

Devoted Dollars Rewards

With our Devoted Dollars rewards program, you'll earn money for getting the preventive care you need, like your annual wellness exam, flu shot, and cancer screenings. Learn more about Devoted Dollars.


Wear glasses or contacts? We'll help you pay for them.

Hearing Aids

Need hearing aids? We've got a benefit to help with those, too!

Rides to the Doctor

Need a ride to your doctor or pharmacy? No problem. We'll get you there.

Medical Alert Device

Get emergency help with the press of a button. All of our plans include a free medical alert device and free monthly monitoring. And with our 2021 plans, certain devices have a free feature that can tell if you’ve fallen and automatically send an alert for you. 

Routine Acupuncture

Our plans include 12 free acupuncture visits a year. No copays and no fees. Note that this benefit goes above and beyond Medicare’s acupuncture benefit, which covers visits only for chronic lower back pain.