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myFlex 101

myFlex, from your Devoted Health Flex HMO plan, puts you in control of where to spend your health and wellness dollars. You get $750 to spend each quarter (every 3 months) on your health and wellness. You can use it for everything from dental care and eyewear to fitness trackers and yoga. Note that you can’t use it for copays and other medical costs related to your plan.

What can I use myFlex for?

Check our list to see which purchases qualify for myFlex (and which ones don't). Not sure if your purchase qualifies? Call us at 1-800-338-6833 (TTY 711).

If I don’t use the full amount, will it roll over to the next quarter?

Yes. Anything left at the end of one quarter rolls over to the next. But make sure to spend it all by the end of the year — it won’t roll over to the following year.

Do I have to recharge my card at the beginning of the quarter?

Nope. We’ll do that for you, automatically adding $750 on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Just make sure to hold onto your card, since you’ll use it for the entire year.

Can I use myFlex everywhere?

Many types of businesses accept your myFlex card, including dentists, vision providers, and fitness centers.

But smaller businesses, like a private Pilates studio, may not. In those cases, you’ll pay upfront and we’ll pay back (as long as your purchase qualifies).

TIP: If your card doesn’t work at a location where it should, no problem. Just pay out of pocket and we’ll pay you back. It’s quick and easy!

How can I get paid back for purchases made without the myFlex card?

It's quick and easy to do online or by mail.

Online. Log in to your myFlex account and tap the Request Payment button under Home to get started.

Mail. Download and print the myFlex reimbursement form. Mail it to us along with a copy of your receipt and we'll pay you back. No printer? Call us and we'll mail you the form.

Keep in mind that when you buy something without your myFlex card, it won’t show up on your card balance until after we’ve paid you back. So if you see a higher balance on your myFlex card than expected, remember that you’ve already spent some of that money!

How can I check my myFlex balance?

Log in to your myFlex account. Or call us at 1-800-338-6833 (TTY 711).

Do I have to see in-network providers?

Nope, not for myFlex purchases, like seeing a dentist or acupuncturist. You can see whatever provider you choose. For medical care, yes, you need to stay in-network.

What if I lose my card?

Call us right away at 1-800-338-6833 (TTY 711). We’ll send you a new card and make sure that no one can use the old one.

Do I have to wait to buy big-ticket items?

No. Here’s how it works. Let’s say it’s January and you’re eyeing that fancy exercise bike for $2,250. Don’t wait! Go ahead and buy it. That will use your $750 for the first quarter.

When April brings the next quarter around, just ask us to pay you another $750 using the reimbursement form. Do the same in July and you’re all set.

If I want to spend more than I have left, can I pay the rest in cash?

Yes. Businesses that take your myFlex card should be able to use your card balance, then let you pay the difference by cash or credit card.

For businesses that don’t take myFlex, you’ll pay the entire amount and we’ll pay you back for the balance that was on your card.

TIP: Let’s say you have $300 left on your myFlex card and you’re buying $400 glasses. Be sure to tell them to put only $300 on myFlex. If they try to charge the whole amount, your card will get denied.

What if my plan starts in the middle of a quarter?

We’ll prorate your amount for your first quarter. So if your plan starts on February 1, you’ll have $500 on your myFlex card. And on April 1, we’ll add a full $750.