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Does it qualify for myFlex?



Pay with your myFlex card

✅ Preventive care like cleanings and x-rays

✅ Comprehensive care like dentures, fillings, root canals, crowns, implants, and more


Pay with your myFlex card

✅ Glasses

✅ Contact lenses

Gym membership

Pay with your myFlex card

✅ Membership fees at gyms and fitness centers

HOA fitness center

Pay upfront, ask us to pay you back

✅ Up to $50 a month in homeowner’s association (HOA) fees if you live in a community with a fitness center

Items for disease and care management programs

Pay upfront, ask us to pay you back

✅ Connected (3G/LTE) blood pressure cuff if you're in our Blood Pressure Monitoring Program

✅ Connected (3G/LTE) scale if you're in our Congestive Heart Failure Monitoring Program

✅ Spirometers if you're in our COPD Monitoring Program

✅ Pulse oximeter if you're in our Care Management programs

New for 2022: Naturopath Visits

Pay upfront, ask us to pay you back.

✅ Costs associated with office visits to a naturopath provider.

✅ Covered services do not include herbs, homeopathic remedies, medications and nutritional supplements, vitamins or vitamin injections.

Wellness activities and devices

Pay upfront, ask us to pay you back

✅ Fitness trackers

✅ Fitness classes, like yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, and Spin (online or in-person)

✅ Weight management programs, including Weight Watchers and JennyCraig (for membership, but not food, supplements, or injections)

✅ Personal fitness equipment, like weights and exercise bands

✅ Personal training by a certified instructor

✅ Nutrition counseling and education

Other services

Pay upfront, ask us to pay you back

✅ Routine acupuncture

✅ Memory fitness activities

✅ Routine chiropractic services

✅ Therapeutic massage


Certain fees and services

❌ Copayments or coinsurance for medical services or prescription drugs

❌ Membership fees for recreational clubs, rod and gun clubs, country clubs, social clubs, public and private golf courses, or green fees

❌ Cancellation or missed appointment fees

Other excluded items and services

❌ Cosmetic dentistry (including orthodontia, teeth whitening, and Invisalign®)

❌ Meals, vitamins and supplements, or food

❌ Outdoor recreational equipment (such as bicycles, bowling balls, game balls, golf clubs, rollerblades, skates, skis, and tennis racquets)

❌ Fitness clothing or shoes

❌ Spa services (including facials, skin procedures, and other services)