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We’re on a mission to change healthcare — how it’s paid for, delivered, experienced. We want to put people center stage, not process or profit. We are guided by a deep belief that every person on Medicare should be treated like we would treat a member of our own family: with loving care and a profound commitment to their health and well-being.

That’s why we’re gathering a whole bunch of smart, big-hearted people to create a new kind of healthcare company — one that combines compassion, health insurance, clinical care, and technology seamlessly.

We want to throw the long ball with people we love for a cause we believe in. Life is short. Join us.

Engineering Team

David Chang

I’m devoted to solving problems that impact lives. As part of the rescue team, I saw first hand how confusing healthcare can be and also how good technological decision making can help.


Gabriel Burt

I'm devoted to building a world-class team of engineers focused on high-impact technology to deliver healthcare like we'd want for our own families.  I'm devoted to a culture of empathy, openness, and empowerment.


Jack Nye

I'm devoted to creating solutions that make our members happy and healthy. I enjoy working for a company that isn't obviously a tech company, but in which tech plays a huge role in our success.


Margaret McKenna

I'm devoted to making technology an enabler rather than an obstacle in healthcare. I feel lucky that I get to work on that with such a talented and dedicated team.


Mimi Liu

I’m devoted to improving the quality of healthcare for those most in need. I’m grateful to be working alongside mission-driven folks that value collaboration, diversity of perspectives, and puns.


Osman Qamar

I’m devoted to providing holistic solutions, not just great tech. I believe in future potential over past experience and enjoy working with people who are eager to share their knowledge.


Sabrina Williams

I'm devoted to making sure that people are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve...and that they receive the benefits that many of them worked their whole lives to earn. Healthcare shouldn't be confusing or a burden.


Brian Wu

I’m devoted to using technology to simplify the enormous problem of healthcare. The people who must use our healthcare system most are frequently those least able to handle its complexity.


Infrastructure Team

John Morrissey

I'm devoted to growing great engineers that enjoy using technology to serve
others. I want to use technology for a greater cause.


Lori Thomas

I’m devoted to making people’s lives better in meaningful ways.  At Devoted, that means taking a fundamental system like healthcare and finding ways to make it just plain better: more preventative, cheaper and more human.


Foley Alli

I’m devoted to providing a great technological environment for employees. I am motivated to build excitement about new technology and improve employee experience.


Rochelle Ferguson

I’m devoted to making a difference. To being part of a culture that has a genuine interest and drive to make positive change in the world today. For me, its a privilege to work amongst a team that’s not only highly skilled, but also has the collective passion to make others lives better.