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Prescription Drugs

Our Drug List

Medications can play a big role in managing your health. So we worked closely with a team of healthcare providers to create a list of covered drugs — called a formulary — that treats a wide range of conditions at a reasonable cost. It has all the medications your plan covers, including brand names and generics. 

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You can also:

In-Network Pharmacies

Find an in-network pharmacy before you fill your prescriptions (or use our mail order service). We cover out-of-network pharmacies only in emergencies — or when you run out of a routine medication while traveling. 

We have a lot of in-network pharmacies, so be sure to check for one even when you’re outside your plan’s service area. 

Mail-Order Pharmacy

Getting prescriptions sent right to your door can save you time and money. Learn more about our mail-order pharmacy.

Safety and Quality Programs

We have a set of rules, programs, and safety checks to keep you safe and control your drug costs. We call it utilization management. Learn more here.

Opioid Resources

Keep you and your loved ones safe when it comes to opioids. Get tips, resources, and information you can trust.

Drug Costs with Extra Help

With Extra Help from Medicare, you'll pay less for prescription drug coverage. Check your drug costs with Extra Help. (Extra Help is also known as the low-income subsidy or LIS. And charts that show your costs with Extra Help are sometimes called LIS Premium Summary Charts.)

Medication Therapy Management

When you have to take a number of drugs, it can be a challenge to keep it all straight. And safety becomes even more important. Medication Therapy Management is a program that can help. Learn more here.

2023 Part B Drug Update

Because of changes to the Medicare program, there are new limits on how much you’ll pay for certain Part B drugs. Learn more here.