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Take us on the go with our new "Devoted Dish Podcast" series, released regularly and available right here for your listening pleasure. Stay informed and inspired about all things Devoted Health with hosts Stephanie Merritt and Laura Eroh and a series of special guests. Listen live or catch the replay. You can now also find us and follow us on Spotify and Amazon Music!

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Past Devoted Dish podcasts

Bring us along for the ride! As you head to your next event or appointment, click on the video below, connect your bluetooth and let's turn your drive time into a dynamic learning experience. We're here to make sure that every moment on the go is an opportunity to discover something new and have a little fun too!

Episode 14 - The Bid Process

In this episode we get the chance to talk to Devoted Health's Head of Medicare Product who leads the charge in our bid development and process. We explore the intricacies of the bidding process and our strategic approach to developing comprehensive health plans as well as the current MA landscape.

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Episode 13 - The Elder Council

In this episode we're excited to welcome our Elder Council and learn about how they are creating member mobilization and making a difference in our communities. Member Mobilization is a grassroots movement for Elders to drive their communities' physical, spiritual and emotional health priorities.

Listen to Episode 13

Episode 12 - The current MA landscape

In this episode, we welcome our Chief Legal and External Affairs Officer, who offers an insightful exploration of the current Medicare Advantage landscape. He guides us through the intricacies of the present situation and sheds light on potential changes we can anticipate in the future.

Listen to Episode 12

Episode 11 - Selling year round

In this episode, we explore strategies for sustaining and expanding your business throughout the year, leveraging special election periods. We delve into where these unique opportunities for continued growth can be found, offering practical advice and insights to help you capitalize on these periods.

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Episode 10 - Building a provider network

In this episode, we welcome our Chief of Medicare Markets for an in-depth discussion on the strategies for building a network in an expansion market and ensuring its sustainability.

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Episode 9 - Positive mindset

In this episode, we're excited to explore the themes of growth and positive mindset, delving into how adopting such a perspective can significantly enhance both your professional endeavors and personal journey. We'll uncover the transformative power of a positive mindset, demonstrating how it can catalyze success in various facets of your life.

Listen to Episode 9

Episode 8 - Our Co-founder and CEO dishes on the evolution of Medicare

Prepare to be captivated as we explore the genesis of Devoted Health, straight from the visionary who helped bring it to life. We'll journey through Ed's insights on the future trajectory of healthcare, uncovering the innovative paths he envisions.

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Episode 7 - Events

In this episode, we delve into effective strategies for collaborating with local community partners and organizing impactful events that drive lead generation, appointment setting, and enrollments.

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Episode 6 - Working with our Veterans

In this episode, we delve into the world of Veteran coverage and Medicare plan options. We explore how you can contribute to our Veterans' well-being by ensuring access to the most reliable and up-to-date information. Join us as we navigate this crucial topic, aiming to support those who have selflessly served.

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Episode 5 - OEP

In this podcast episode, we take a comprehensive look at the open enrollment period, delving into key guidelines and best practices. Our focus is on exploring effective, compliant selling strategies you can employ during this critical timeframe to achieve success.

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Episode 4 - Down time?

In this episode of our podcast, we're thrilled to welcome one of our leading sales experts for an enlightening discussion. Together, we'll delve into innovative strategies for sustaining member engagement and prospecting, even during periods that might traditionally be viewed as downtime.

Listen to Episode 4

Episode 3 - Ending AEP strong and beyond

In this exciting episode, we delve into effective strategies to conclude your Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) with impressive results. We'll also cast our gaze forward to December, uncovering potential election opportunities that could benefit both you and your clients as you aim to end the year on a high note.

Listen to Episode 3

Episode 2 - Community partners, relationships and events

Gain insights from one of our esteemed sales leaders, a seasoned veteran in the Medicare Advantage sector. We'll delve into their wealth of knowledge to uncover best practices for lead generation during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) and beyond.

Listen to Episode 2

Episode 1 - Stars

In this episode, we'll unveil our brand-new podcast, discuss the nuances of Star ratings, and share some exhilarating updates from Devoted Health. Curious about how plans are evaluated? We'll cover that too!

Listen to Episode 1