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Past Trainings

Miss one of our live online trainings? No problem. Watch the recording below.

Q2 National Broker Town Hall

In our Q2 town hall we heard from several leaders who touched on a variety of topics including: 2024 Agent Support statistics, AEP readiness and certification process, training tips about Devoted Health & CMS event protocol as well as where to locate all of our great training resources, a quick update about our Member ID cards, marketing tips for your success, an overview of our expansion in 2025 and lastly the announcement of our theme for 2025 AEP. So take a few minutes and enjoy the video to find out what our 2025 AEP theme is!!!

Unlock Your Potential: Embrace a Growth mindset

In this empowering Growth Mindset Training session we introduced a way to revolutionize the way you approach challenges, setbacks, and personal growth. In this dynamic workshop, you'll discover the power of adopting a growth mindset—an attitude that embraces challenges as opportunities for learning, beliefs in the power of effort and perseverance, and the celebrations of growth and progress. Enjoy the opportunity to unleash your potential and become the best version of yourself!

Sales Strategy - Overcoming Objections - Turning No into Yes

Successful salespeople understand that part of the sales process will very likely include objections by the customer. In this sales strategy session we dug into what an objection is, revealed the 4 most common objections and learned how to apply the ATR method to address them as well as helpful responses to common MAPD objections.

Sales Strategy - MAPD Needs Analysis

In this session we focused on how to conduct a comprehensive MAPD needs analysis utilizing words and phrases to best transition to the needs analysis as well as how to apply the OCCI method and the meaning behind the acronym NEADS.

Building Strong Relationships with Providers

In this session, we dive into essential steps and critical considerations for strengthening your provider network partnership. 

10 Step Benefit Checkup

It's always a smart idea to stay in touch with your clients and make sure they are using all their benefits that their plan has to offer for them. In this session you will learn how to conduct a 10 Step Devoted Health benefits review.

Effective Ways To Use Grassroots Marketing and Social Media

Grassroots marketing and social media are two powerful strategies that focus on building relationships and engaging with a local community or a specific target audience. In this training we will show you how to create brand awareness, drive sales, generate referrals, and unlock various opportunities utilizing both of these strategies.

Member Onboarding, Member Retention and Open Enrollment Period

A retention strategy is crucial to agents to maintain customer loyalty and prevent rapid dis-enrollments. In this training you can learn more about Devoted Health's retention strategy and how you can create a year long winning strategy to retain your clients. Additionally we will get you ready, set, sell for OEP.

Social Media Training

Enhance your social media prowess with our top-notch best practices. Discover how to seamlessly share our latest AEP collection of CMS-approved, high-impact, and adaptable social media posts on your business Facebook page at no cost.

AEP Kickoff

This session was designed to provide some reminders about our 2024 Devoted Health plans and where we succeed, as well as provide essential final reminders as you embark on this exciting enrollment period. Additionally our esteemed leaders impart words of encouragement, to hopefully motivate you to reach new heights of success.  Get ready to seize the opportunities that lie ahead and make this AEP the most remarkable one yet!

Marketing Storefront and Tools

In this comprehensive training session, our focus is on equipping you with the necessary skills to effortlessly access and utilize our cutting-edge digital enrollment kit. Additionally, we will explore the Devoted Health marketing storefront, providing you with insights into the marketing assets at your disposal. These invaluable resources are designed to propel your business forward during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). Moreover, we will review the full potential of our diverse toolkit, including the agent portal; with its multifaceted functionalities such as streamlined enrollments, efficient scope of appointments, doctor and prescription lookup, and much more!
This video can be viewed by clicking on this link:

2024 Extra Benefits Training

During this training session, we delve into an overview of the enhanced benefits we have prepared for 2024. We explore the intricacies of these benefits, enabling you to effectively articulate their value as selling points. Additionally, we address common inquiries through an FAQ discussion. Equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to maximize its impact in your sales presentations. (Please note, since this is a national training session, we do not get into the idiosyncrasies of each market/plan extra benefit amounts.)

Successful Events - Broker Agent Training

In this comprehensive training session, we delve into the art of discovering ideal event venues by exploring expert strategies and time-tested best practices. Additionally, we provide you with invaluable techniques to effectively engage and negotiate with community partners, ensuring successful collaborations that will elevate your events to new heights. Lastly, we unveil the secrets to achieving remarkable lead generation outcomes, empowering you to capitalize on the full potential of your events.

Service Devoted to You and Your Clients Training

In this training we took you behind the scenes of our service with our service team membersThis encompassed not only our exceptional customer service, but also our community guides and clinical services. At Devoted, we're more than just a team of customer service representatives; we take pride in providing our clients with top-notch, holistic care. This training will give you valuable insights into how your clients are supported after enrollment, leaving you feeling confident in your sales and assured that your clients are in the most capable and dedicated hands.

Social Media Training

This is a comprehensive training session that encompasses the most up-to-date best practices for social media posting in the Medicare arena. And steps on how to use our Devoted Health high-impact, top-quality Facebook posts derived from our most successful advertisements.

Special Election Period Training

As the Open Enrollment Period (OEP) has come to a close, this training focuses on other important Medicare Advantage (MA) election periods and special enrollment periods that individuals may have access to throughout the rest of the year.

During this training session, we dive into the various types of elections and when they can be used, as well as explore effective ways to market them during this time of year. This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills beyond OEP and to better serve your clients year-round.

Q1 National Broker Town Hall

Watch our first-ever Broker Town Hall! During this meeting we had our Sales Operations discuss some of our most recent developments from Devoted Health, and discuss more about our different teams. Additionally, gain valuable insights from an exclusive interview with our esteemed Head of Service Operations.

Understanding the Devoted Health Provider Networks

During this training session, we examine Devoted Health's various Medicare Advantage provider networks, including some of their nuances such as referrals, authorizations, and primary care providers. We also explore our strategies for establishing a network in a new market that aligns with the goals and requirements of our members in those regions.

How to Market Yourself

This enlightening training session will unveil proven strategies for effectively marketing yourself in your community and to potential clients. Dive deep into techniques for making valuable connections with community leaders and physicians, and discover how to position yourself as a valuable resource for your clients, rather than just an agent.

Veteran Coverage and Medicare Advantage Plans

Different types of health care coverage are available to Veterans and their family for their service. We will review those plans and how veterans may benefit from a Medicare Advantage plan.