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Broker Referral Program

At Devoted Health, we’re on a mission to improve healthcare. We’re always looking for ways to make healthcare better for seniors—and the senior-focused sales professionals who work in it. That’s why we created our new referral program.

Refer your Medicare prospects, earn $100

It’s that easy. Really. Any licensed health insurance professional who does not sell Medicare Advantage can participate.

  • Simple and easy contracting
  • Streamlined referral process
  • $100 commission with no charge backs

Plus, when you refer someone to Devoted Health, you’re giving them the opportunity to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan that cares for them like family. Our members get affordable, high-quality plans that are packed with benefits to keep them feeling their best.

Ready to refer to some prospects?

Don’t pass up this opportunity to help both yourself and the seniors you serve.

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