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Mail-Order Pharmacy

For drugs you need once in a while, it makes sense to go to your local, in-network pharmacy. But if you take any drugs regularly — like blood pressure or diabetes medications — our mail-order pharmacy service can save you money. 

The service is run by our pharmacy parter, CVS Caremark. And savings aren’t the only reason to use it. With mail-order service, you can:

  • Receive a 100-day supply of your prescription medications
  • Get your medications wherever it's easiest for you, like your home, office, or vacation spot
  • Talk to a registered pharmacist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Order medicine and get health information online at CVS Caremark

How do I get started?

You have to register at CVS Caremark. Make sure you have your Devoted Health member ID card handy.

Register for Mail-Order Pharmacy

You can also call us at 1-800-338-6833 (TTY 711). 

How do I order a new prescription?

You can place an order:

Note that it can take a few weeks for CVS Caremark to process and deliver your order. Be sure to have a 2-week supply of your medication on hand, just so you know you'll have enough until your order arrives.

How do I refill a prescription?

You have 4 options.

Automatic refills. Choose to have your prescription refilled automatically and you’ll be all set. Before sending you a refill, CVS Caremark will call, text, or email you to confirm you’re ready for it.

Online. Sign up to receive refill reminders. When you get one, just log in at CVS Caremark and order a refill.

By phone. Call the Customer Care number on your prescription label — and have your Devoted Health member ID card ready when you do.

By mail. When you receive your mail-order drugs, you’ll also get an order form. Just fill in the ovals for the refills you need. If you need a refill for a drug not listed on the form, write the prescription number in the space provided. Then, send your form and payment to the address listed on the form.