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A growing Devoted family 

A message about the company's 2023 membership from co-founder and CEO, Ed Park

Happy New Year! I hope that 2023 brings joy, contentment, and good health to you and your loved ones. On behalf of the team at Devoted Health, I’d like to extend a special welcome to our newest members. You have placed your trust in us to deliver healthcare that rises above the fragmented and burdensome status quo. I have every confidence that the Devoted difference will provide you with an experience that is higher-quality, more affordable, and a whole lot more caring.

We're honored that more Medicare beneficiaries are eager to try our all-in-one model of care—a model that puts the member at the center of everything we do. As 2023 begins, the Devoted Health family has grown to include nearly 124,000 members.* This resounding display of confidence in Devoted Health is reflective of the superior experience that our dedicated team delivers for members every day.  Each new member is a reminder of our mission — to provide the kind of healthcare that we would want for our own family members. 

Driven by our unwavering dedication to knowing our members on a personal level and cultivating trust through proactive support, we are bringing together the necessary pieces of healthcare in a new way to create a complete, coordinated, and customized care experience. Key to this Devoted experience are two remarkable teams -- our Devoted Guide team delivering world-class customer service in support of members every day, and the clinical staff of Devoted Medical, our virtual and in-home medical group, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks with respect to the care our members need.  Our extraordinary Devoted Medical team collaborates with members’ primary care physicians to put each patient’s core priorities and values that drive them to act at the center of clinical decision making, activating and engaging patients in their health in meaningful, impactful ways. And, as our growing membership validates, this approach to care is resonating with people. 

This is in large part because of the tangible results we’re seeing. Devoted Health members see meaningful health improvements under our care. At least 85 percent of members with diabetes have been able to get their blood sugar levels under control, achieving an average reduction in their HbA1c of 2.1 in only 93 days. Moreover, at least 77 percent of members with hypertension have gotten their blood pressure under control, reducing systolic blood pressure by an average of 15 mmHg in 40 days. 

These statistics represent members who have experienced true improvements in not only their health but also their quality of life as a result of their time with Devoted Health. Take Jean, for example, whose diabetes had been out of control for years. When we met her, she was suffering from chronic pain from a cervical spine injury, and her deep wish was to be able to walk again without pain so that she could be active and spend more time with her family. But in order to have the surgery she needed, her HbA1c needed to be below 8 percent. It was almost 11 percent. With her goal of walking with her family at the center of her health journey, we worked with her to get her a continuous glucose monitor, educate her on nutrition and exercise using the data to monitor her progress, and modify her medications. We also helped her manage other conditions, which allowed her to sleep better. Two months after joining our program, Jean’s HbA1c results came in: 7.5 percent! She’s ready to take the next step to achieve her goals and live the life she deserves.

We could not be prouder of the results that we deliver for members every day – and we are so profoundly happy to welcome so many new faces into the Devoted family! I know I speak for everyone on the Devoted team when I say that in 2023 our excitement about the path ahead is greater than ever. I am deeply grateful to every Devoted teammate working tirelessly to make Devoted’s level of care a reality. And on behalf of everyone at Devoted, thank you again to the members who have placed their trust and health in our hands – the year ahead will be a great one, and I look forward to sharing in its joys with each and every one of you! 

*Recent preliminary data reported by CMS does not include members who joined after December 2, 2022 and omits membership of Devoted plans newly launched in 2023.