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Devoted Health Earns High Achievement in Medication Quality Measures

Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) recognizes Devoted Health’s high achievement in PQA Measures of Medication Safety and Appropriate Use

WALTHAM, Mass. -- May 11, 2023 -- Devoted Health, an all-in-one healthcare company delivering complete, coordinated, and customized care for Medicare-eligible beneficiaries, announced today that it has received the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA)’s 2023 Laura Cranston Excellence in Quality Award. Based on published CMS Medicare Part D Star Ratings, the awards recognize the nation’s highest-achieving prescription drug plans for performance on key quality measures of medication safety and appropriate use.

The award was presented to eight Medicare Advantage drug plans with at least a 4.5-star Part D summary rating in addition to a 5-star rating on all five of the Pharmacy Quality Alliance medication measures used within the CMS Star Ratings Program.  PQA has issued quality awards on an annual basis since 2011 in honor of the organization’s founding CEO of the Pharmacy Quality Alliance and her commitment to patient protection, medication safety, and optimal outcomes.

In concert with doctors and pharmacists, Devoted has developed a slate of utilization rules and programs prioritizing patient safety and medication affordability.  These rules ensure every member can safely and effectively adhere to their medication regime, and include prior authorization requirements, quantity limits, step therapy, a prioritization of generic medication options, drug utilization review, and medication therapy management.

“Devoted Health is driven by our commitment to deliver a caliber of care we would want our own family to receive – and to that end, our clinical pharmacy and network teams coordinate closely with Devoted’s wider team of full-service guides to ensure a truly 360 degree member care experience, ” said Justin Bioc, Head of Clinical Pharmacy at Devoted Health. “Through a carefully-developed and rigorously-maintained set of safety measures that prioritize the medication quality needs of our members, we work each day to improve health outcomes and keep drug costs down. We are grateful to the Pharmacy Quality Alliance for this recognition and thankful for their ongoing commitment to promoting medication safety and adherence.” 

“Quality medication use is a high priority for care providers and the Medicare Part D program,” PQA Chief Executive Officer Micah Cost, PharmD, MS, CAE, said. “PQA is proud to recognize eight plans that have demonstrated excellence through their commitment to providing high-quality care for their Medicare members.”

A critical part of Devoted Medical’s comprehensive care services, Devoted’s clinical pharmacy promotes optimal medication adherence and drug utilization while connecting patients to Pharmacy Assistance PRograms to ensure they can afford their medication. This coordinated and customized approach to pharmacy care is tailored to support each member’s individual medication needs. Supported by Devoted’s clinical pharmacy and network teams that help coordinate member care and secure additional support tailored to their individual medication needs, Devoted members have medication adherence rates ranging between 87% and 93% — compared to the U.S. average of about 50%.

About Devoted Health

Devoted Health is an all-in-one healthcare company on a mission to dramatically improve the health and well-being of older Americans by caring for every person like family. To accomplish this, Devoted Health has designed and built an integrated healthcare solution that combines Devoted Health Medicare Advantage plans, access to high-quality local providers alongside virtual and in-home care delivered by Devoted Medical, full-service Guides, and world-class technology that powers it all. The result of bringing all of these exceptional ingredients into one seamless offering is a complete, coordinated, and customized healthcare experience for each Devoted member. Founded in 2017 by brothers Todd and Ed Park, Devoted now serves over 124,000 members, and operates in 13 states as of January 2023. To learn more, visit

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