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Signing up for ride services

Here's a list of ride services that might be available near you — and some tips on how to sign up.

Getting started 

First, you’ll need to check out ride services near you to: 

  • See if you qualify
  • Learn how they work, like where they go, their hours, and other details
  • Find out the cost

Filling out the paperwork 

Choose the best option based on your needs and research. With some services, you’ll need to apply and maybe provide proof of income or medical conditions. Follow the application’s directions carefully.  

Ride services 

Most areas have at least one of these services. 

Call-ride services 
Often free or low cost, you usually have to book these services 24 hours in advance.  

Community transportation 
Non-profit and faith-based programs may offer volunteer transportation services. They usually ask for proof of income to see if you qualify. 

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT)  
NEMT provides rides to medical appointments to people who have (or qualify for) traditional Medicaid. If that’s you, contact Medicaid about NEMT. 

Public transportation 
Seniors often get discounted fares. Check locally to learn schedules, fares, and more. 

ADA paratransit 
If you have certain disabilities that prevent you from using public transportation, you may qualify for ADA paratransit. You’ll have to fill out an application and provide paperwork from your doctor.