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Understanding Medicare OTC benefits

Are you taking advantage of a unique perk that many Medicare Advantage plans offer – OTC benefits?

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Many Medicare Advantage plans offer a unique perk — an Over-the-Counter (OTC) benefit. Understanding the OTC benefit is essential as it allows you to save money on health and wellness products, contributing to your overall well-being at no extra cost to you.

Understanding Medicare OTC benefits

The OTC benefit is essentially like getting an allowance for a wide range of health items. You can get everyday things like allergy medications, vitamins, toothpaste and more, depending on your specific Medicare Advantage plan. This means you can purchase these products without spending a dime of your own money!*

How to use Medicare Advantage OTC benefits

It’s easy! By phone, online or in a store like CVS, Medicare Advantage companies offer convenience. They even have catalogs that let you order from the comfort of your home.

How to optimize OTC Medicare Advantage benefits

Medicare Advantage plans usually provide an amount each month or quarter for you to spend on eligible items. Here are a few tips on how to best use the benefit, assuming you have a plan that offers these.

  1. If you’re on a plan that offers OTC benefits, familiarize yourself with the amount you are given for OTC purchases. 
  2. Prioritize what’s most important to you. What types of items on the list support your everyday living? Do you need something like a blood pressure cuff for high blood pressure or need a pain reliever for arthritis? Having a plan helps you make the most of the budget saving benefit.
  3. Set a reminder to make sure you spend your OTC allowance.

Using this benefit is not only to save money, it’s also a way to help you live the life that you want and stay healthy. Embrace the opportunity it offers and make the most out of your healthcare coverage. Look for plans that offer the OTC benefit so you can take advantage of everything it offers.

How Devoted can help

We have licensed representatives available to help you with your questions or answer more questions about Devoted Health Medicare Advantage plans. Call us at 1-800-483-8066 (TTY 711) for personalized assistance.

You can also learn more about your Medicare options in this free Medicare Comparison Guide.

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*Any amount over the allowance amount must be covered by the member.