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Health tips you can use right now.

6 Sun Tips for a Safe Summer 

Grab your water bottle and some sunscreen and follow these tips for a fun, healthy time under the summer sun.

7 Tips for Managing Your Medications

What's the best way to remember to take your medications? Learn top tips from Justin Bioc, Devoted Health's Clinical Pharmacist.

Can a Survey Help You Live Longer? An HRA Just Might.

If you’ve ever gotten a health risk assessment (HRA) from an employer, doctor, or health plan, you might have wondered how — and who — they help. We found out the big impact they can have on your health. (And then we filled out the HRAs we’d been neglecting!).

How to Get the Most for Your Healthcare Dollars

You already know how medical costs can add up. Learn why Original Medicare may not be enough to cover all those costs — and how to be smart with your healthcare dollars.

Should You Be Taking a Daily Aspirin?

More than half of Americans ages 45 and older take a daily aspirin to protect their heart health. But do they all need to? We break down the benefits and risks of taking an aspirin every day — and why it may not be right for everyone.

How to Make a New Year’s Resolution That Sticks

Creating new habits can be tough, but you can do it. Find out some key tips on making a change that sticks.

How to Enjoy the Holiday Season without Going Overboard

It's all about balance this time of year. Make a few simple changes, set some clear limits, and let yourself enjoy the season.

3 Drugs to Use with Caution

(and some safer alternatives)

What to Do When Your Air Conditioning Goes Out

Stay cool, drink water, and know when it's too hot to stay in the house.

Myths and Facts About Statins

Do these cholesterol drugs live up to the hype? Get the facts.

How to Have a Healthy Vacation

Find out which problems are no big deal — and which ones you need to pay attention to.

Your Medicare Options

Learn the basics about Medicare coverage, along with essential tips for choosing the right plan for you.